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Abdomen Massage

What is it? Abdominal massage is considered as an excellent self massage for adults. The abdomen is the softest, least-protected area of the body and is, therefore, an area of great vulnerability for many people. This could be so perhaps because it contains our vital organs and is apparently a very intimate part of our body.

It is a massage treatment on the abdomen and back that works to soften musculature, align the pelvic bones, adjust the uterus to its proper position, release muscular armoring in the trunk and enhance circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, elimination, and secretion of hormones.

How can you benefit from an Abdominal Massage? These ancient massage techniques correct poor hemodynamics of the abdomen and its many organs so vital to digestion, assimilation, elimination, secretions and reproduction in women.

This form of massage is also beneficial in constipation. How? It stimulates the peristalsis of the small intestines, tones up the muscles of the abdomen walls and mechanically eliminates the contents of both large and small intestines.

An Abdominal massage also releases deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area, helping prevent and correct a fallen, tilted uterus and facilitates the normal flow of blood, lymph, nerves and energy throughout the entire body.

A benefit that can catch the interest of many is the fact that: Massage creates heat, which melts adipose tissue or fat. Massage on the abdominal area can get the oxygen going, which could burn fat.

An abdominal massage encourages the toxins to flush out through the lymphatic system. The fascia, which is the sticky-like layer between skin, fat and muscle, will be encouraged to relax. This will enable toxins to flush out, and oxygen, which nourishes, to get in.

How does an adult render an abdomen massage?

  1. Always use a lotion or massage oil. 
  2. Lie on a massage table or floor. 
  3. Begin on the right side. 
  4. Massage toward the left side. 
  5. Relax for at least five minutes before getting up. 
  6. Slowly sit up before standing up.

Abdominal Massage- Don’ts:

  • Abdominal massage should not be done in general, femoral, inguinal and umbilical hernia, inflammation of the uterus, bladder, ovaries and fallopian tubes, stones in the kidneys, bladder or gall bladder, ulcers of the stomach and intestines and pregnancy. 
  • Abdominal massage should also not be done after a heavy meal, but after two hours or so. 
  • The bladder should be emptied before the massage. 
  • Since blood pressure increases during abdominal manipulation, patients with hypertension should avoid abdominal massage. 
  • Massage should also be avoided in cases where there has been recent bleeding in the lungs, stomach or the brain.

Some techniques that are beneficial are: 

  1. Effleurage around the abdomen 10 times in clockwise direction.
  2. Knead the centre of the abdomen with your fingers stretched from the thumbs, up and down from the ribs to the front of the pelvis 6 times.
  3. Tapping with fingertips across whole area. 
  4. Ball hands into fists and rotate around in a horseshoe shape from right to left. 
  5. Using the lower palm area near the wrists, slide hands up from near back to center. Gently rock from side to side.

An Abdomen Massage can lift the spirits and increase the energy of the receiver by stimulating the nerve endings in the abdominal plexus. Adults can render a self- massage but it is important to check with your health care practitioner before you begin any massage or exercise regime.

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