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Chest Massage

What is it? A chest massage – as a part of a full body massage or only for the chest focuses on the drainage points in the circulatory system rather than the muscles. Emotional stress could lead to a contraction of the chest muscles. This is the body's way of protecting from experiencing underlying feelings that may be painful or upsetting. The contraction of chest muscles could lead to shallow breathing, reduced energy, and an inability to feel truly vital. A Chest massage is helpful in such a scenario.

A chest massage also assumes varying significance and is of a different nature among men and women as:

  • Women have sensitive breast tissue covering the important arm muscles that lie over the chest wall (the pectoral muscles).
  • Men may also find direct pressure on the chest uncomfortable.

By releasing tension from the chest area with deeper massage strokes, this therapy is known to provide great improvement in physical well-being & responsiveness.

How does one benefit from a chest massage? A chest massage helps strengthen the chest muscles, increase circulation, and tone up the nervous system of chest, heart, and lungs. It is especially recommended in weakness of the lungs, palpitation, and organic heart disorders. Bust and mammary glands can be developed by proper massage.

How does one render a chest massage? The receiver is made to lie on the back with the arms at the sides. The masseur starts manipulating the chest by means of strokes with both hands on each side of the breastbone. A circular motion is formed by the movement made up and down on the chest area.

This is followed by kneading of the muscles by picking up the skin and muscles with both hands. Treatment is given to both sides of the chest likewise. Circular kneading is next done by placing one hand on each side of the breastbone and making the circular motion outward towards the side. Tapotement follows by hacking and slapping.

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