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Massage Lotions and Gels

Massage oil is possibly one of the most important aspects of a soothing massage.
It is the medium that helps guide the therapist's hands evenly and smoothly on your body. Massages can be done using massage lotions and gels too. Massage lotions are a popular alternative to massage oils nowadays.

Massage lotions
as well as massage oils work well for deep tissue stimulation and non-slip massage method. Most lotions are non-greasy and provide medium glide. These are ideal for high friction massages. Massage lotions help relieve muscular tension and stress without too much drag.

There are a variety of massage lotions available in the market.
Most lotions have a special texture and usually contain a blend of sweet almond oil with sunflower oil.

Advantages of using a massage lotion -

Its non-sticky nature makes it less messy as compared to conventional massage oil.

Lotions do not absorb into the skin quickly yet have the ability to condition the skin during a massage.

You can blend two or more massage lotions to make one that provides the right amount of glide and friction necessary for deep tissue massages.

Massage lotions can be used for both light massages and deep tissue massages.

Massage lotions provide superior workability on the body.

Lotions provide for skin lubrication and protect the skin from damage due to excessive friction.

Hemp Massage Lotion - Hemp massage lotion is a non-greasy lotion, specially formulated with moisturizing hemp seed oil. It softens the skin naturally and is a good choice for short massages. You could warm the lotion in a pan of warm water for a quick and relaxing warm massage.

Massage gel is also a good alternative to massage oils/lotions. Their very composition makes them light on the skin. A small quantity spreads over a large surface area and may hence workout to be more economical. They moisturize and condition the skin well. Since the skin does not absorb them readily, massage gels could prove to be a good option for extended massages.

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