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Kinesiology a technique used to determine and cure disharmonies or imbalances in body, spirit or mind. It is a technique used to monitor the body movements for   determining the cause of imbalances. It uses muscle testing to do so. Muscle testing is technique use to determine the conditions of the muscles – working or not working. For testing the muscles the therapist applies a light pressure to the limbs of the client, response to this pressure helps the therapist to determine the conditions of the muscles. Kinesiology has non-invasive techniques for muscle testing. This technique can not be used to diagnose disorders.

Kinesiology has many techniques that help to cure the problem permanently rather than solving only the symptoms. It provides techniques to help body to in its natural healing process.

Kinesiology has its roots in chiropractics, applied kinesiology and Chinese acupuncture theory of chi energy. It allows the therapist to determine the nature and order of the treatment to be given to the client.

All the people in this world are emotionally and biochemically different from each other, therefore depending on the client the therapist uses variety of treatments. Muscles reflect the stress in the central nervous system when they are not able to adapt efficiently, it is because it has been designed to self regulate and adapt. Using the monitoring techniques the therapist assesses the muscle pattern developed because of the stress in the nervous system.
In a kinesiology session the client lies fully clothed, comfortably, face up on the massage table.

Some of the techniques that the therapist may use are as follows
Mechanical Adjustment – The therapist may massage the muscles or realign the bones to balance the physical structure of the body.
Nutrition and Diet – Using Kinesiology the therapist will assess the nutritional status of the body. The therapist may guide on certain food to provide sufficient nutrients and avoid certain reaction to the body.
Energy Meridian Balancing – The therapist detects and removes blockages in the meridians using non-invasive technique, thus balancing the body.
Chakra Balancing – The therapist corrects the chakra imbalances using colors, crystals etc.
Kinesiology can use to cure a large number of disorders like Accident trauma and post traumatic stress disorder Allergies ,Arthritis ,Asthma , Breast pain and congestion ,Depression ,Digestive problems ,Food sensitivities, PMS etc.



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