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Strain/Counter Strain

Strain/Counter strain therapy was developed by Dr. Lawrence Jones in 1954 in an attempt to cure on of his patients who had been suffering from severe back pain; he was an osteopathic physician by profession. This therapy works on a technique to locate the tender points that crate the problem.
This therapy is also known as positional release. It is a gentle, manual medicine technique that places the client’s body in a comfortable position for approximately 90 seconds; this allows client’s body to reset its muscles to normal, hence setting stage for muscles to heal. This is a non-invasive therapy and uses palpation and passive positional procedures to reset the muscles. This therapy is mainly practiced by osteopathic Physicians, trained Physical Therapists and other health care providers.

Strain and counter strain therapy is helpful for curing a large range of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. This therapy treats a series of points are treated in a single session. As strains are relieved, the body beings move with less tissue stress and heal itself. This therapy activates therapeutic changes via proporioceptive and nociceptive mechanisms.
Strain and counter strain is a holistic approach for treating problematic tender points in the body. It is an indirect technique. It moves joints and their muscles away from restrictions to a comfortable position instead of moving non functional joints directly into motion restrictions.

The therapist starts the treatment with a palpation of body scan for tender points. The tender points indicates joint or muscle dysfunctions. The therapist uses these tender points to monitor the position of comfort. The client is held at this position for 90 seconds and then gradually returned to a neutral position. Strain-counter strain deals particularly with the relief of pain.

Strain and counter strain can be used in almost any condition an on patients of any age.

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